The Challenge to Dominance Theory in Patricia Brigg's and Carrie Vaughn's Paranormal Romance Novels

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The focus of this paper is on two series which are possibly "urban fantasy" rather than paranormal romance but defining subgenres is difficult and this paper definitely uses romance scholarship so I'm happy to include this item in the database. Here's a brief outline of the paper:

In this paper, I explore challenges to werewolf pack hierarchy in three paranormal romances series, two by Patricia Briggs and one by Carrie Vaughn. It is my contention that the novel series form allows the authors to enmesh their protagonists in the patriarchal pack hierarchy and then fight their way out of its traps, reflecting the real-world battles that women face against structural inequities. Each character is abused, physically, sexually, and psychologically, and each finds a mate and protector early in the series. But once the romance formula is satisfied, the women move into a broader community, taking public positions, not only in their respective packs, but on national and international stages, modifying or overthrowing dominance-based structures, both for themselves and for others. The result is the promulgation of a new kind of pack, one which allows female members to act in leadership roles and establish mutually supportive relationships. (42)