My Life as a Romance Writer

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Para.doxa: Studies in World Literary Genres

In a slightly altered form, and contextualised by some additional material in an introduction both to the whole book and to the section in which it appears, this was republished in Modleski's Old Wives' Tales and Other Women's Stories (New York and London: New York University Press, 1998), pages 66-79. In the updated version, the name of Modleski's writer-friend has changed from "Sophy" to the pseudonym she uses, "Caitlin Clark."

I have only provided links to the version in Old Wives' Tales because there are none available online for Para.doxa.

There is also another edition of Old Wives' Tales, with a slightly different title: Old Wives' Tales: Feminist Re-visions of Film and Other Fictions. This was published in 1999 in London by I. B. Tauris. The pagination is the same as in the 1998 edition.