The Librarian as Effete Snob: Why Romance?

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Wilson Library Bulletin

I've seen differences regarding the issue and page numbers, though there's agreement about the volume number. It's quite a short article, refuting arguments against romance and describing some romances with librarians as characters

Perhaps the best and most accurate portrayal of a librarian is in Ginger Chambers’s Bachelor Puzzle, part of Harlequin’s Tyler series. Elsie Ferguson has been the librarian in Tyler for thirty years. Beloved by the residents of Tyler, she is a professional who has dedicated herself to service to her community. The book begins as the townspeople rush to save the library books from water damage. The rescue effort is accurately described, as are the other aspects of a busy librarian’s life, from interlibrary loan to meetings with publishers’ representatives. You see Elsie downsizing a new construction project to meet the budget without destroying the integrity of the building,trying to minimize the impact of local politics on library-specific decisions, and maintaining a special collection, the Tyler Room.