Ang aking Prince Charming at iba pang noveleta ng pag-ibig

University of the Philippines Press
Quezon City
Publication year

This is described in Philippine Studies: Have We Gone Beyond St. Louis? (2008, University of the Philippines Press, edited by Priscelina Patajo-Legasto) as "an anthology of romance novelettes and essays on the romance mode, My Prince Charming and Other Romance Novelettes (Ang Aking Prince Charming at Iba Pang Noveleta ng Pag-ibig, 2001)" (758).

According to Raymundo 2004, which discusses Barrios's feminist romance novels,

In her collection of novellas titled Ang aking Prince Charming at iba pang noveleta ng pag-ibig, Barrios provides detailed guidelines in writing the romance novel. Her tone is didactic yet playful and parodic. The rigorous instructions on character sketches, plot, conflict, and ending are counterpointed by her declaration that "[...] Writing the romance novel is not that difficult. Especially when you do not have money anymore to pay the rent or to buy at Farmers) (Barrios 2001: 290). With this statement, Barrios demystifies the popular form of literary production by exposing the mercenary motive of writers.
This demystification includes the publishers and readers as well, as when Barrios (2001: 294) declares:

If we write realist romance novels, the stories’ endings would be sad. This cannot happen. Sad novels do not sell. Your publisher will lose money and take it against you. Your value as a writer will go down and no one will publish you anymore...Insist on happy endings. Do not wallow in your own anguish and despair. Extoll the virtues of great love. The readers are paying thirty pesos. They are expecting hope for all romantics even momentarily. You must not let them down.

With these guidelines, Barrios points to the limits imposed by the profit motive of the capitalist mode of book publishing. (93)

Some additional information on the author is that Joi Barrios is also known as Maria Josephine Barrios-LeBlanc and Joi Barrios-Leblanc and "has a Ph.D. in Filipino and Philippine Literature at the University of the Philippines and has served as Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the University of the Philippines College of Arts and Letters" (University of California, Berkeley).


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