Corpos que falam: erotismo, amor e paixão no romance sentimental

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It's a bit confusing that the first author's name is given slightly differently in the table of contents:

Roberta Manuela Barros de ANDRADE e Erotilde Honório SILVA Corpos que falam: erotismo, amor e paixão no romance sentimental Speaking bodies: eroticism, love and passion in the sentimental novel

and on the first page of the article:

Roberta Manuela Barros e Erotilde Honório Silva

Here's an English version of the abstract:

The relation between eroticism and visualization of the naked body and the sexual act itself, common in contemporary culture, was not current in the literature of mass, mainly in the sentimental literature of the last century. Considering that the representations of eroticism are linked to everything society sees as erotic, we have selected as our research object the established relations between love, eroticism and passion in the novels written by Elinor Glyn. We have selected the works of Glyn, popular English writer of the beginning of century XX, because it was in them that we see the introduction, for the first time, of eroticism in romantic literature. The works of Elinor Glyn were published in Brazil, between the 30s and the 60s of 20th century, becoming, quickly, one of the biggest publishing successes of the sort.