A cultura emotiva das comunidades virtuais de leitura de livros de amor

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RBSE Revista Brasileira de Sociologia da Emoção

I think the first of the two versions I've linked to first is the definitive one since the CCHLA website is mentioned in the article itself. They seem pretty similar, and the span of pages ends up being the same, but they seem to break on the page in different places. Here's the English version of the abstract:

The sentimental novels are cultural events that shape the production of subjectivities, instituting emotional grammars that guide social action. In contemporary times, this emotional culture, mediated by the reading of romances, reveals itself in a privileged way in the discussion sites about such works present in the internet. However, emotions do not arise in neutral social spaces, they are permeated by power relations, hierarchical structures, conceptions of morality, and boundaries between social groups. In this context, we ask: how does the relation between the enjoyment of this emotional experience and the feeling of belonging to a virtual reading community take place? This work aims to understand how an emotional culture is built and experienced within a community of love romance fans, specifically the Adoro Romances site, from the conflict zones that the practice of reading brings necessarily itself.