Formula Romance Dalam Perfect Romance Karya Indah Hanaco: Kajian Sastra Feminis

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Romance is a popular fiction genre that tells the story of a romance between two (generally heterosexual) characters, who experience problems in their relationship, but can be resolved, and the story has a happy ending. The formula is conventional and permanent. This research was conducted with the aim of verifying the romance formula contained in the Perfect Romance by Indah Hanaco. The method used is descriptive qualitative, with a structural analysis approach and feminist literary criticism. Data in the form of words, phrases, and sentences were collected from the novel using literature study techniques and studied with relevant theoretical foundations. Theories about formulas and romantic appropriations include the ideas of Cawelti, Radway, and Modleski. The results showed that overall, the constructive elements of the narrative text, namely the plot, characters, and setting of the novel Perfect Romance, meet the criteria of the romance formula. The plot is progressive, fulfilling thirteen romance sequences, there are obstacles in love, and stories that end happily. Even though there are deviations, namely stories that are centered on male characters, as well as the status of married female characters, the characterizations in the novel are relatively in accordance with the romance formula. Urban life and established and normative family values ​​form the "magic" setting of the protagonists' romance.