Lecture paralittéraire québécoise : les femmes et le travail de 1945 à aujourd’hui

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Recherches féministes

Here's the version of the abstract which is in English:

In this note, we present the outlines of a research project bearing on the relationship between broad social changes affecting Quebec women's condition since 1945 and the most widely read types of fiction aimed at the feminine market. We take into consideration four main classes of publications : serial novels circulated before the 1960, short stories published in magazines, especially in La revue moderne and Châtelaine, best sellers written for women, and, last but not least, sentimental novels, in particular Harlequin romances. Contrary to well entrenched beliefs, this research tends to show that mass culture does not have only negative impact on social change.

I think this is an outline of what would be published as Femmes de rêve au travail : les femmes et le travail dans les productions écrites de grande consommation, au Québec, de 1945 à aujourd'hui (1998).