Masculinities in Post-Millennial Popular Romance

New York
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At the time of creating this entry the book was still forthcoming but here's the abstract:

This book follows a close textual analysis approach and offers a gender reading of post-millennial popular romance heroes. More importantly, this text suggests that to a certain extent the male protagonists of these narratives could be described as a platform onto which different forms of dominant masculinity are displayed and co-exist without losing their hegemonic status. In greater detail, this text borrows Raewyn Connell’s ideas of ‘hegemonic masculinity’ (1987) – which is perceived as a dominant ideology of masculinity – and ‘transnational business masculinities’ (2005) as well as Demetrakis Demetriou’s notion of ‘the hybrid masculine bloc’ (2001). Through the application of these theoretical ideas, this book attempts to display the formation and the elements that constitute and support the different forms of masculinity embodied by the hero in the novels examined.This book is a response to a call from prominent scholars in the field for further studies of men and masculinities in popular romance. Rather than discussing the romance genre as a whole, the book adds to the growing interest and broadens the scholarly conversation in popular romance studies by focusing on a specific subgenre.



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