As representações de masculinidades e feminilidades nos romances de banca de Diana Palmer nos anos de 1990

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Diana Palmer is one of the most popular authors of sentimental novels worldwide. In Brazil, her books became newsstand best sellers, turning into the one of the most sold novels throughout the 1990s. Meanwhile, the peculiar way the author describes gender relations in her novels is the subject of controversy among hers own readers. The profiling described as characteristic for her characters, both male and female, extremely conservative, seems clearly clash with the values that governed the relations between the sexes in the last decade of the twentieth century, which makes her worthy resounding success more attractive to the academic. So, we take as the key question of this study how gender relations are presented by Diana Palmer and how they reflect patriarchal positions found in society. Based on this context, this work has therefore focused on analyzing the representations of masculinity and femininity in the works of the author during the historical period mentioned. This work aims to produce an analysis of the speech based in Thompson (1995) researches. The popular Diana Palmers works that became corpus of analysis for this research are: Believe Again, Angel West and Goodbye to Love. To this end, we draw a relationship between her speech and the ideology that supports it in relation to the representations of male and female present in her works.