Army trenches and school benches: the Philippine-American War in the Sugar Sun series

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I think "Jennifer Hallock" is Jennifer Wallace's pen-name but I could be mistaken.

Here's the abstract:

The American patriots of the eighteenth century became the redcoats of the twentieth century, fighting a war to seize the Philippines (1899–1913) as the first step to US overseas empire. The “gilded age” was dominated by debates over nation-building, transpacific trade, military policy and religious extremism -issues that resonate for the modern reader and are brought alive by the high-stakes love stories of the Sugar Sun historical romance series. The two main couples an American school teacher and a Filipino sugar baron, and an American infantry veteran and a Filipina teacher and author – must untangle international as well as personal conflicts to carve out their “happily-ever-afters.” New York Times best-selling author Courtney Milan called this series “meaty historical -must reads”, and the Historical Novel Society called Under the Sugar Sun a potentially “ground-breaking fictional treatment” of the Philippine-American War.