Os romances sentimentais e a revolução digital: os processos de criação dos projetos de democratização da leitura nos livros do coração

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Revista de Estudos da Comunicação

This is an English version of the abstract:

The sentimental novels, those who center their plot to tell love stories, generate an amount of 1.52 billion dollars in annual sales. However, with the popularization of digital format in the early twenty-first century, this market has undergone drastic changes. If the digital format allows playback of works in support of a distinct form, expanding sales, it also allows unauthorized reproduction, unlimited, since e-books released on the internet can be countless times downloaded. Thus, the focus of this work is on projects of democratization of these books that allow your free download in numerous blogs that specialize in these novels. These projects provide, in PDF or in Word, printed old hits the market as well as current best sellers in the genre, unpublished or not in Brazil. In this context, we ask ourselves how is mediated by these projects, the production process of these craft e-books. So, this essay has the proposal to discuss how the digital revolution has impacted the market for "Heart Books" from the production logic of democratization projects reading swarming the internet, and are the main source of power of blogs that deal with the subject. For this purpose, the methodology used was Thompson (1995) depth of hermeneutics, specifically its socio-historical analysis and formal or discursive analysis. Thus, this study investigates the logics that guide the project of democratization of sentimental books because we believe that such projects have played a relevant role with respect, today, the transformations of novels consumption.