Pour une typologie de la marginalité dans les romans de Delly: la fonction de la femme

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L'Ull crític

The article is in French but here's the version of the abstract in English:

For a Typology of Marginalization in Delly’s Novels: Women’s Function

Delly’s works (1875-1947), which join the line of sentimental novel, present women’s central role as one of its main features. The original heroine’s inferior status, often marked by poverty, is the starting point of a plot in which the young lady, an orphan, endowed with exceptional qualities – among others, charity towards the unfortunate –, will be surrounded by several secondary characters acting the part of opponents or assistants. Poor, jealous and vindictive female relatives, or even rich, disdainful and ambitious female siblings, are the antithesis of another type of women: the old, loyal and selfless servant, who plays a crucial role in leading the story to a happy ending. In the three novels that we intend to analyze – Esclave... ou reine? (1910), La fin d’une Valkyrie (1916) and La Maison des Rossignols (1945) – eternal popular novel Manichaeism appears through a broad typology.