The Romance Novel and Popular Culture during the Early Franco Regime in Spain: Towards the Construction of Other Discourses of Femininity

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Journal of Gender Studies

Since this little snippet isn't one of the main topics of the paper, but is nonetheless interesting, I haven't tagged the paper as dealing with "Publishing" but will just put the quote in here:

During the period between 1940 and 1970, a large number of romance novel collections were published in Spain, with all publishers dedicating one or more collections to this genre. The number of titles and print runs was incredibly high, particularly for some authors. Among these publications, which reflected the predominance of a specific kind of feminine cliché of the time, there were collections of particular relevance such as Esmeralda by the publishers Clı́per, Princesita by Cı́es, Violeta by Molino and Azucena by Toray. (225)