Atlantic Liners, It Girls and Old Europe in Elinor Glyn’s Romantic Adventures

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Glyn’s novel Six Days (1923), with its sense that the US offered resonant new opportunities for women, provides a rich antecedent for later representations of the transatlantic crossing, such as James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster film Titanic. Drawing on Glyn’s archives, memoir, magazine articles and contemporary newspaper reports of her trips, this chapter examines how the romantic ideal of transatlantic travel and the ‘special relationships’ figured in Glyn’s work and signalled a significant shift in women’s status in the early twentieth century. (19-20)

Much of the paper, as indicated here, focuses on Glyn herself. There is also reference to Glyn's Three Weeks, which is not a romance novel since it does not have a happy ending. Glyn's Six Days, however, is a romance since it ends with the protagonists happily married to each other.