On Using Genre Fiction in Bibliotherapy

Publication year
Para.doxa: Studies in World Literary Genres

"As a practicing psychotherapist, I have often been faced with the problem of helping clients gain understanding of life outside their own rigid world view. Over the years, I have found that one of the most successful tools available is the genre novel. Written for the general reader, these books operate as the folk tales of our society." (242)

The novels listed are:

Pamela Morsi's Wild Oats - "Jedwin Sparrow is articulate. He is able to compliment his lady and share feelings with her in a way that would meet the needs of many other women. Thus he is a very effective role model" (243)

Mary Jo Putney's The Rake and the Reformer - alcoholism.

Catherine Anderson's Keegan's Lady - alcoholism and abuse; Comanche Magic - dissociation

Rachel Lee (Sue Civil-Brown)'s Conard County series - recovering from trauma

JoAnn Ross's The Return of Caine O'Halloran - "impact of the death of a child on a relationship" (244)

Kathleen Korbel's A Rose for Maggie - "impact on her mother of the birth of a developmentally disabled child" (244); A Soldier's Heart - PTSD

Susan Elizabeth Phillips's Heaven, Texas - self-acceptance