"Bertrice teaches you about history, and you don't even mind!": History and Revisionist Historiography in Bertrice Small's The Kadin

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The narrative serves as an example of a feminist revisionist historiography of the Ottoman empire (albeit one that is still essentially Orientalist) which places women's domestic, familial, romantic, and sexual experiences, actions, and relationships at the centre of historical narratives of power, statehood, and empire. As the final section of this chapter will demonstrate, such revisionist historiography was - and remains - of considerable interest to general readers, and not simply to historians. (22)

Note that "the fact that both Selim and Janet have more than one sexual partner (although not more than one "true love") and the novel does not conclude with the betrothal of the couple and the union of the two raises questions about the status of The Kadin as a romance novel" (29-39).