La novela rosa como mascarada de la muerte de lo social: Concha Linares Becerra y María Mercedes Ortoll

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Asparkía: Investigació feminista

The work is in Spanish but there is an abstract in English:

The theory of the death of the social which informs the concept of the masses constructed by Baudrillard follows the configuration of the feminine as silent, the presocial which lacks a proper presence. Women are seen, following Baudrillard, to be condemned to silence because of their inability to overcome the mirror phase, that of imitation, and therefore to enter the social realm of language. Women will thus be the ultimate representation of silence, the void of signification. The present paper tries to relate Baudillard’s theory about the death of the social to two romance novel from the francoist period in Spain by Concha Linares Becerra and María Mercedes Ortoll.