Lust and Dust: voyages de femmes, roman d’amour ou les enjeux d’une fabula

Publication year
Études littéraires

There is an abstract in English, although the article itself is in French:

Given the ongoing reevaluation of the literary canon, readings popular among women have become crucial. The fabula of the desert has been one of the sentimental novel's most fruitful mainstays, showing both longevity and versatility. Dating back to the time when exoticism and feminine sexuality first entered the genre in England - specifically, , Edith M. Hull's seminal 1919 novel- this plot-type redefines the relationship between the sexes, featuring new types of partnership and the dislocations incidental to travel. Ostensibly a story of captivity, the tale ends up by questioning the patriarchal order and advocating female emancipation.

This appears to be a French version of an article by the same authors published with a slightly different title in the same year.