Men, Masculinities, and Popular Romance

Abingdon, Oxon
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Men, Masculinities, and Popular Romance seeks to open a lively and accessible discussion between critical studies of men and masculinities and popular romance studies, especially its continued interest in what Janice Radway has called "the purity of his maleness."

Popular romance novels, perhaps more than any other genre, explore sexuality and gender, creating an ideal space in which to consider and explore theoretical models that think seriously about gender. The romance novel has long been criticized and celebrated by feminist critics. How can these novels maintain, according to some, feminist ideals, while also upholding what Raewyn Connell has long theorized as "hegemonic masculinity"?

This was reviewed by Jackie C. Horne, at the Journal of Popular Romance Studies.

I have included the "medical/health" topic because of the discussion of HIV in Marie Sexton's Never a Hero.

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