Os Livros do Coração: uma análise dos romances sentimentais do Século XX

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This is written in Portuguese but there is a version of the abstract in English:

Abstract: The mass literature is a privileged object for the analysis of the social values that surround the contemporaries societies. Meantime, although its obvious importance, few studies have being dedicated to its understanding. This academic disdain is expressed for the antagonism between noble literary sorts and a popular simple literature, basically centered in the orality. This article proposes to make an analysis of speech of the sentimental romances of the "Collection of the Library of Young Women", published between the years of 40 and 60 of century XX, in special, the romances written for M. Delly, comparing with its heirs, the collection "Romances of the Heart", called for its series, Sabrina, Júlia and Bianca, published in years 80 of the same century. Although the ''Romances of the Heart" remains being published until today, choose this specific time because it portraies its appearance in Brazil, when its reading society is formed.