Romance Fiction: A Guide to the Genre

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The link is to the second edition, which was published in 2012. However, the 1999 edition already called itself a "second edition" because

Romance Fiction: A Guide to the Genre is, essentially, the second edition of Happily Ever After: A Guide to Reading Interests in Romance Fiction [1987], retaining the basic structure and organization of the original but expanding and updating it in a number of areas. Four new chapters have been added - two to meet the demands of the changing romance genre itself ("Ethnic and Multicultural Romance" and "Alternative Reality Romance"), one specifically to address the professional needs of librarians ("Building the Collection"), and one to allow more complete coverage of a distinct subgenre ("Regency Period Romance," which was originally included within "Historical Romance"). One chapter, "Young Adult Romance," was deleted because that subject is diverse enough to merit a separate guide of its own; however, a brief reading list of Young Adult romances has been added to this book as an appendix.

All original genre chapters have been revised. (xi)

A copy of Happily Ever After: A Guide to Reading Interests in Romance Fiction can be found here:

In the 2012 edition a chapter on "Sagas" has been removed. The chapter on "Gay and Lesbian Romance" becomes a chapter on "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Romance." Chapters on "Linked Romances" and "Erotic Romance" have been added. Other chapters/sections have been updated.

The "topics" listed below cover pretty much the same areas as the chapters in the 1999 edition. I left out erotic romance because that's in the 2012 edition but not in the 1999 one.

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