Romancing the YA Reader

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Voice of Youth Advocates

This is about young readers, not YA/teenage romance novels. ERIC gives the following summary:

Discusses the romance genre and provides guidelines for librarians with high school aged readers. Highlights include where to find information about the romance genre; the appeal of romance fiction; levels of sex and sensuality; reference tools; subgenres; and authors and titles that may be popular with young adult romance readers. (LRW)


Most librarians are quite comfortable recommending adult science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and mysteries to young adult readers. However, the mere thought of having to suggest an adult romance title, let alone the idea that teens might be reading them, is enough to scare many librarians speechless. This ostrich approach to romance fiction, or the if-I-just-ignore-them-they-will-go-away school of readers' advisory, is no longer a feasible solution for libraries.