Rozbieranie wampira. Erotyczne imaginacje i seksualne fantazje w romansach paranormalnych / metafizycznych (na wybranych przykładach)

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Orbis Linguarum

This is written in Polish, but it has an English abstract:

In paranormal romances one can witness a significant transformation of an abjective vampire, that represents the multifacetedness of monstrosity, into the figure of a vampire-adorer who becomes an object of desire, fascination, and a part of the erotic imagery. This very transition seems to have been triggered by a shift in the literary convention wherein a vampire has been making his appearance heretofore. Hence, it is no more contributes to a typical gothic narrative but to the form of romance seasoned with a bit of fantasy, thereby depriving this archetypical blood-sucker of their nefarious staffage and qualifying them unequivocally as an adorer. In that regard, any traditional means of defining the vampirism become secondary to those less associated with gothic – and more with romance narratives. Consequently, vampiric sexuality comes out as a substantial part of the plot along with the descriptions of love intercourses that are even wont to balance on the edge of pornography.

An English-language version was published in 2021.