L’Œuvre de Delly

Centre Rocambole
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This is issue 55-56 of Le Rocambole, Bulletin des amis du roman populaire. I've formatted it as a book because the whole issue is dedicated to Delly. Buard and Santa are the editors. Regarding the page numbers, I've only been able to see the index to the volume, so I'm just guessing the page numbers for the end of articles. It's possible in some cases that they end a page earlier and there's a blank page before the start of the next article. I have found references elsewhere to the articles by Constans, Fromont and Figuerola, however, so their page numbers should be correct.

Items I have not listed separately are:

  • "Bibliographie des traductions de Delly en Italie" by Ica Carbognin
  • "Essai de bibliographie de Delly" by Jean-Luc Buard.

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