Save Our Love

Creative Writing Masters Thesis
Liberty University
Publication year

Although this is quite a long document, the research element of this is very short and very limited (based on limited reading of just two publishers). Here's the abstract:

Andy Crouch wrote in his inspirational book, Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling that “culture is inescapable” and if we are dissatisfied with it, we must “make new culture” (140). These words have inspired my creativity and influenced my writing in so many ways. Romance literature is constantly growing in popularity, but the genre is not evolving. In a world of monotonous storylines and happily-ever-afters, I seek to shift the romance genre with my project, Save Our Love. This is a romance manuscript that tells the powerful stories of Joseph and Denver, two disparate college students who build a bond that they feel is unbreakable. This work aims to shed light on real-life trauma that individuals struggle with in the 21st century and confront issues in the romantic fiction genre.


I investigate a variety of texts from both Black and White American authors. This critical paper addresses the issues in the romance fiction genre and shows how my manuscript confronts those issues in order to shift the worldview of African American romance literature. (18)


The overuse of common societal concepts has caused the romance genre of literature to be at a standstill. Some common themes in romance novels are patriarchy, submissive or subdued women, sex, and the coveted happily ever after. The pattern of events in many novels has become predictable and unexciting. (27-28)


This piece does not end in marriage, and the characters won’t get the happily ever after that most readers may root for, but the series that I have structured is well-rounded and depicts love above all else. (38)