Healing Writes: Restorying the Authorial Self through Creative Practice: and Birthright, a speculative fiction novel

Masters by Research
University of Queensland
Publication year

Parv has written many romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon, but romance wasn't the genre she chose to write in here. The novel she wrote is not available online but the exegesis is. From the abstract:

I began to consider how writers including myself might frequently revisit themes and ideas which resonate with our lived experiences. I call this restorying, an unconscious process whereby aspects of one's life history are rewritten through one's creative work to achieve a more satisfactory result. Through personal contact, studying authors' accounts of their creative practices, and surveying current literature on narrative therapy, a case is made that, far from being generated purely from imagination, writers' creative choices are driven by an unconscious need to restory ourselves.