Vergnügen oder Aufklärung? Sexualität in lesbischen Liebesromanen?

Publication year
Das Argument - Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften

The details below appear in North American Romance Writers (1999) for Joke Hermes:

Hermes, Joke. "Entertainment or Enlightenment - Sexuality in Lesbian Romance Novels." Argument 34, no.3 (1992): 389-402.

----. "Sexuality in Lesbian Romance Fiction." Feminist Review, no. 42 (Fall 1992): 46-66. [there was a typo in the page number. It should read "49" not "46"]

----. "Vergnügen oder Aufklärung? Sexualität in lebischen Liebesromen?" Argument 34, no. 3 (May/June 1992): 389-402.

I could not find any trace of an article titled "Entertainment or Enlightenment - Sexuality in Lesbian Romance Novels". I began to suspect that, since there were two entries with page numbers which were identical, one entry was a mistake, and just a translation of the other. This does indeed appear to be the case and there is no missing/untraced third article by Hermes.

The third issue, in 1992, of the journal Das Argument - Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften, was an issue about "Literarische Frauen-Ratschläge" and it does contain an article by Joke Hermes with this title (albeit there are a couple of typos in the title as given in North American Romance Writers). The issue is numbered 193 and I've linked to a pdf of this issue.

It further appears that the article which appears in Das Argument - Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften is a translation of the one in the Feminist Review. There is a note in the Das Argument article which I ran through Google translate (because I can't speak German) and in English it apparently means

Abridged version of the article "It does make a difference: on sexuality in lesbian romance fiction". Original in Feminist Review. Translated from English by Maren Klostermann.

I'm assuming that the Feminist Review cut the title prior to publication, because the article as published is "Sexuality in Lesbian Romance Fiction." I could also tell that the article in Das Argument has indeed been abridged e.g. the second paragraph in the article in the Feminist Review, which mentions Radway and Modleski, does not seem to be present in Das Argument and I think the section on Michelle Martin is also absent.