Paradoxa Interview with Jayne Ann Krentz

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Para.doxa: Studies in World Literary Genres

Krentz describes changes in romance publishing. She then uses the metaphor of a pool of water to describe fiction. It's a metaphor she returned to at the very end of a speech to the 2000 Bowling Green Romance Conference so I'll just put in a link to that (albeit there are differences in wording and length). Here's a quote from another topic discussed:

KM: You have used lesbians as secondary characters in some of your novels. Isn't that unusual for a romance writer?

JAK: I sometimes use lesbian secondary characters for two reasons. First, such characters enable me to deal with different aspects of femininity in my stories. Second, they allow me to allude to the universal bonds that I believe exist between all women, gay or straight. My heroines, although they are clearly heterosexual, are always comfortable around my lesbian characters. That is because, deep down, they, like most women, feel they can communicate with other women in a fundamental way. (50-51)