Romances for the Office Worker: Aubrey Kalitera and Malawi's White-Collar Reading Public

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I don't think these works sound like romances, but I've included the details because it does seem as those they fall under "romantic fiction" and I haven't seen anything else about publishing romantic fiction in Malawi (Kalitera was self-publishing):

He writes about men who abandon their girlfriends after getting them pregnant, about women who abandon or kill their children in order to live a life of luxury unencumbered by parental responsibilities, about sons and daughters who desert or neglect their parents, about fathers and mothers who interfere in the marriages and romances of their grown-up children. But most of all he writes about marital infidelity, focusing on complications in the love affairs of men and women who cheat on their spouses or fiancés. Nearly all his narratives deal in one way or another with the making and breaking of contracts of the heart. (81)