North American Romance Writers

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Following the introduction by Mussell, most of the book is made up of essays by authors about their own writing, and the editors preface each of these with a short description of the author and a list of their works and awards they're received. I've listed the participating authors as topics/tags.

The aspect of this which made me add the "romance scholarship" tag is the bibliography (pages 227-270) compiled by Tuñón, in which

The works cited deal with twentieth-century popular romances. Citations cover a wide spectrum, from scholarly articles and books through speeches and ERIC documents to dissertations and theses and even popular magazine and newspaper articles. (227)

Here is an online version of Alicia Rasley's article, "Paradox in Balance: Some Feminist Themes in Romance." There are some very minor differences between the online and printed versions.

Barbara Samuel's essay was originally published in Para.doxa.

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