Words of Love: A Complete Guide to Romance Fiction

Garland Publishing
New York and London
Publication year

This includes a foreword by Kay Mussell, who also provides "A Bibliography of Critical Works on Romance." A "Historical Overview" written by Annette Townend discusses literary precursors to the modern genre romance including ancient Greek romances, medieval romances, Renaissance romances and eighteenth-century novels. Florence Stevenson provides a chapter on romance in and about the nineteenth century. There is a chapter on the "Romance Boom" which began in the 1970s, a discussion of sub-genres, analysis of Tania Modleski's work on romance, and details about individual authors (many modern authors answered a questionnaire including questions about their favourite authors and thoughts about romance writing..

Primarily designed for the reference librarian, this book will also be a useful tool for those with an academic interest in the field. (xx)


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