Plotting Women: Popular Narratives for Women in the United States and in Latin America

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This has been reprinted in The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader, ed. Ana Del Sarto, Alicia Ríos, and Abril Trigo (Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 2004) pp. 183-202. The links given are to this reprint.

It should be noted that the text Franco discusses here (Anne Mather's Moon Witch) is the same text discussed in her "The Incorporation of Women: A Comparison of North American and Mexican Popular Narrative" and, indeed, there are so many similarities between the two works, which both compare romance and Mexican libros semanales, that "Plotting Women" and  "The Incorporation of Women" feel like alternative versions of each other. [Incidentally, Franco misspells Mather's name and the title of her book in both.]