An Honourable Escape: Georgette Heyer

Publication year

According to Mary Fahnestock-Thomas, in her compilation of works about Georgette Heyer, Georgette Heyer: A Critical Retrospective (2001), the article by A. S. Byatt entitled "Georgette Heyer is a Better Novelist Than You Think" was published in Nova (August 1969, pp. 14-22) and then reprinted as "An Honourable Escape: Georgette Heyer," in Passions of the Mind.

In the 1991 Passions of the Mind, published by Chatto & Windus (London), the page numbers are 258-265 (I think, I haven't been able to double-check).

In the 1992 Passions of the Mind, published by Turtle Bay Books (New York), the page numbers are 233-240.