Journal of Popular Romance Studies: Special Issue: Black Romance

International Association for the Study of Popular Romance
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I don't usually give journal issues an entry for themselves, but since this one has a central topic, and since there are transcripts and a bibliography in it to which I've not given a separate entry, I thought this might be helpful. First, the essays, which do have separate entries in the database.

Introduction to the Special Issue on Black Romance - Margo Hendricks and Julie E. Moody-Freeman

Vivian Lorraine Stephens: Romance Pioneer - Rita B. Dandridge

Her Bodyguard: Sandra Kitt’s The Color of Love as a foundational text for BWWM romance - Piper Huguley

Black Romance Authors and Community Cultural Wealth: A Case Study of Brenda Jackson’s Career - Natalie T. J. Tindall

Against Odds: Beverly Jenkins’ Indigo and Black Historical Romance - Margo Hendricks

Freedom’s Epilogue: Love as Freedom in Alyssa Cole’s Historical Novellas - Nicole M. Jackson

Reading the Black Romance: Exploring Black Sexual Politics in the Romance Fiction of Rebekah Weatherspoon - Jamee N. Pritchard

Romance, Hip-Hop Feminism, and Black Love: From Theory to Praxis - Julie E. Moody-Freeman

Given that the essays above often refer to Julie E. Moody-Freeman's interviews/conversations with authors, and since I've made this entry, I decided that the interviews and bibliography did not need separate entries. Direct links to them in JPRS appear below:

Finally, here is a link to the Black Romance Bibliography compiled by Margo Hendricks and Julie E. Moody-Freeman and Jennifer Ogwumike. It includes a section on "Podcasts, YouTube Videos, and Blogs on Black Romance (Select Episodes)."

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