Twentieth Century Romance and Gothic Writers

Gale Research Company
Detroit, Michigan
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Vinson is the editor of this volume, which had many contributors. It was also published by Macmillan in the UK in the same year (in Byfleet, Surrey). For each romance and/or gothic author their name and known pseudonyms are given, followed by details of their life, details of their works, and a description of their writing.

The Associate Editor, D. L. Kirkpatrick, was also a co-editor of Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers (ed. Lesley Henderson) and I think where there is overlap in the authors, there is also overlap in the content of the entries. At least, when I did a spot check/comparison of two entries for authors which are in both, the text seemed identical.

I have not listed all the authors under "topic" as I'd have had to check all the details, and also it would have taken a very long time. I decided to just add the names of authors whom I remembered as already being listed as "topics" in this database (although it's possible I missed some).