The Routledge Research Companion to Popular Romance Fiction

Abingdon, Oxon
Publication year

Although a publication date is given of 2021, it actually first appeared in August 2020.

The volume discusses the existing research in a variety of different areas of romance scholarship. To avoid repetition, since the titles of the chapters should be linked to below, along with the main topics they discuss, I decided not to provide separate topic headings for the volume as a whole, with the exception of "romance scholarship".

Also, please note that with regards to the entries for individual chapters, I've tried to limit the number of topics listed, while still giving an idea of the range of issues covered by the chapter. Beyond broad areas, I'm much more likely to list a topic if the discussion introduces new materials not previously discussed by romance scholars, whereas with regards to summaries of existing research, I'm more likely to omit the topic because there will be an entry in the database already for the piece of scholarship being discussed and I wanted to limit repetition somewhat.

I admit this is somewhat subjective, but to some extent that's inevitable when adding tags/labelling.

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