Romantic Escapes: Post-Millennial Trends in Contemporary Popular Romance Fiction

Peter Lang
Bern, Switzerland
Publication year

Here's an abstract for the collection as a whole:

Romance continues to stand as the most profitable literary genre and the second most read book category. The developments reshaping the conventions and marketing practices of popular fiction, both inside and beyond the books themselves, have affected the romance genre in specific ways that demand critical attention. This book brings together a collection of twelve chapters on postmillennial developments in contemporary popular romance fiction produced in different countries in order to prove how the genre, which has always been sensitive to customer demands and market trends, has continued to evolve accordingly. The chapters focus on how traditional formulae are being reshaped and adapted to meet readers’ expectations and market demands within this thriving transnational industry.

I have created separate entries for the ones I feel fairly sure, from the titles, are about romance, or for which I've been able to find more information which confirms this. Unfortunately, this means I may have omitted some items which are, in fact, about romance fiction. Here's the full list of the contents:

Irene Pérez-Fernández and Carmen Pérez Ríu, "Romantic Escapes in Contemporary Popular Romance Fiction."

Joseph Crawford, "Old-World Heroes and New-World Heroines in Post-Millennial Anglophone Romance Media."

Deborah Philips, "Fifty Shades of Romance: The Intertextualities of Fifty Shades of Grey."

Elina Valovirta, "The Stuff of Which Fairy Tales Are Made: Royal Romance, Ordinariness, and Affectivity in the Literary Market."

Carolina Fernández Rodríguez, "Nora Roberts’s Boonsboro Empire: Boosting Business through Romance, Invigorating Romance with Affective Capitalism."

Inmaculada Pérez-Casal, "Marketplace Feminism? The Writing and Selling of Lisa Kleypas’s Ravenels Series."

Carmen Pérez Ríu, "Romance Reading as Fandom in the Context of Convergence Culture."

Paloma Fresno-Calleja, "Rugby Romances and the Branding of New Zealand."

María Isabel González Cruz, "Constructing the Exotic Other: Paradise Discourse and Environmental Awareness in a Corpus of Popular Romance Fiction Novels."

Alejandra Moreno-Álvarez, "Romance Novels in Postcolonial India: From Mills & Boon to Pageturn’s Red Romance Series."

Miyuki Hanabusa, "L-bungaku, Oshigoto Shosetsu, and Wa-mama Shosetsu: Chick Lit in Contemporary Japanese Sociocultural Contexts."

Irene Pérez-Fernández, "Genre Bending and Blending in Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses YA Series."

Elisa Serna-Martínez, "Painting Away Regrets, a Caribbean Antiromance."

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